kotor II

Obsidian shopping around for a new KOTOR-like title!

It looks like that the hopes and dreams of gamers seeking another iteration of the classic KOTOR series might becoming true…at least partially. Obsidian, the company responsible for developing Knights of The Old Republic 2, is reportedly trying to get another Star Wars game off the ground. Even though the game is set between episodes III and IV, it remains an RPG with elements from the original KOTOR series.

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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Restored Content Mod

Many SWTOR players were fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and if you’re missing the game, there is now a new, fun option for you. One of the greatest Star Wars video games ever made is back, 8 years after its release. LucasArts is releasing a combo package called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Collection, Now fans can experience the Jedi role playing game from BioWare along with the Obsidian-developed sequel, both of which set the stage for Star Wars: The Old Republic as we know it today. Obsidian’s sequel Knights of the Old Republic II—The Sith Lords was well known as being a disappointing letdown to excited fans who waited for it and then got a buggy, basically unplayable game. It had a rushed development and launched with far too many flaws in place. So players, fans and modders set out to fix it the way they…

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