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Legacy armor in 1.2 + High Res Renders: Are You Ready for Legacy?

The Legacy System and vendors are coming soon and thanks to Dulfy.net we have a better insight as to what we can expect when it gets here. In the article, you’ll find detailed information about how to find your faction’s legacy armor vendors once 1.2 drops for play regardless of whether you are in Dromund Kaas or Coruscant. The detailed high-resolution map shots are great and something you need to check out. It will make it a lot easier to find the vendors when they are available. Duffy tells us that all of the gear that you can get from the vendors will be Bind to Legacy (BTL). It goes on to say, “They each sell 2 sets of orange gear (including orange belts and bracers) that require legacy level 10/20 and also gear in the range of 14-16 and 29-33 that you can trade via tokens obtained as drops.”…

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