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SWTOR ExtraLife Event with Many Rewards

Greetings, everyone! I will have the honor to host the first few hours of the SWTOR ExtraLife Live Eventon my Twitch channel Live. Start is ~16GMT or 8AM Pacific. It is organized by Unholy Alliance / Wookiee Mistake and PC_Podcast. The number of rewards, big and small, is unbelievable! For those of you who donate to the good cause more than $20, you will have a chance to win the incredible Sphero BB8 Droid, a real live toy, app-controlled. The requirement for Sphero was a $1000 total amount of donation to the team and it was already met! Next goal is $2000. If… no… WHEN this happens, a new item will be rolled again among the $20+ donations. You will have a chance to win an awesome huge SWTOR Custom Cartel Mega Pack 31 packs (contains packs from all 8 Cartel Store shipments). That’s not where Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake draws the line….

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SWTOR Relics of Gree Live Event

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Relics of Gree live event is on the way. Set to begin February 12 in the United States and last through February 26, Relics of Gree is only a few hours away. So what’s the big deal, you ask? Well, the big deal is that you can get weapons and armor sets as rewards for completing the event and its quests. This questline and live event suggests that Update 1.7 is coming very soon, which is also good news for those who are anxious for the new content. So it’s a win-win all around for SWTOR fans. This is all coming prior to the new Galactic Reputation system that is supposed to be on the way with 1.7 and there’s a good chance if you participate in this event, you might even start earning some of that reputation already. So what do you say, are…

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