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LucasArts to Announce New Star Wars Game Tomorrow on Spike TV

Earlier this month, LucasArts registered the trademark for a certain “Star Wars 1313”. This had fans everywhere excited to see what this new game would be and the idea of a new Star Wars game has many fans super excited. A new Star Wars game, you say? Hmmm… many might be skeptical but for Star Wars gamer fans, this is a big announcement. While the full details will be unveiled at E3, we can expect to learn a little more tomorrow night. LucasArts revealed on the Star Wars Facebook page that an announcement of the game will be made on Spike TV this 31st of May at 10pm PST, with the full announcement and presumably the details to be revealed at E3 later on next week. “Riddle: What is something that will be announced by Spike, fully unveiled at the E3 Expo, and has to do with Star Wars gaming?…

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