Massively Closes its SWTOR Doors

In what seems like a trend here recently, Massively announced it is closing its SWTOR doors. In this post, they explain a bit about the when, where’s and why’s: After four years, it’s time to migrate the Hyperspace Beacon to a new home. I’m not leaving Massively; I will still have my Elder Scrolls Online column, and there is a chance that the Hyperspace Beacon can make a cameo here every once in awhile. I still love the Massively staff, who are some of the best people in gaming journalism, and journalism is not a term I use lightly. But since we can no longer run the Beacon on Massively, I have created a website specifically for this column: I will continue to do my weekly editorials on Star Wars: The Old Republic, but having a site dedicated to this column means that I can cover more Star Wars-y stuff too. There are new movies…

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