new speeders swtor

Pictures of the New Speeders in 1.2 (also a look at the guild bank)

There is nothing better than learning what is coming out for the new patches on SWTOR and the 1.2 patch is offering a wide variety of new and amazing features.  I really love the new smaller speeders that are coming out.  You can read about them here but here is a quick quote: “Come 1.2 you have 4 new vehicles achievements form doing hardmode flashpoints, normal and hard operations and killing world bosses. They will reward you with the Aratech line of speeders, which is a nice break from all of those gigantic speeders we being getting…” Not only are there new speeders, but there is also the addition of guild banks which is something most players have been asking for. Full information of guild banks can be found here: “You need 15 members in your guild and 600 k credits to activate the guild bank – the first tab…

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