SWTOR Meets Power Rangers

We like to talk about gear around here. In MMORPGs, gear is often a big part of the experience and we all know how some games (SWTOR not excluded) have really goofed with some of their gear and item sets. Sometimes we think we’re getting something awesome and it ends up looking so ridiculous, you laugh at your own character while playing. But speaking of SWTOR gear, it seems many have noticed how closely a certain gear set resembles Power Rangers. If someone’s shouting “Might Morphin’ Power Rangers!” at you wearing this, then this could be why. Here we have a black Power Ranger: And of course, the White Ranger: Someone even put together a full album of all the different colors. Check it out! It’s actually pretty funny when you think about it, especially seeing all those dyed colors. Do you have any gear sets that remind you of…

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