SWTOR Unleashed – RamDisk Game Launcher with Massive Performance Increase

What if there was a way to play SWTOR without using up all of your computer resources? What if you could play from a RamDisk and have better performance and faster response? Well… now there is a way and it’s not a hack. It’s BioWare approved. It’s actually really cool to see players getting into a game and finding new and better ways to enjoy it or enjoy it better and of course, sharing that with the community is greatly appreciated as well. Learn more from this post: Approved By BioWare A program to automate the setup and removal process to use this game (SWTOR) with a ramdisk. This includes creating a ramdrive, copying file and creating the needed links. You as user can select what files you want to have on the ramdrive, depending on your needs and maximal available ram. Please click the link below for details about…

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