pts 1.2

Rakata and Battlemaster itemization changes reverted on the PTS

Now Rakata and Battlemaster itemization changes are reverted on the PTS and you keep the extra expertise. This post on explains: I was working on some PvE stat comparisons last night and found something odd: the rakata set on the PTS and live were giving me identical stats. At first I thought it was just a glitch but then I went and double checked both Rakata and Battlemaster on Live and PTS. The re-itemization they were doing on the PTS got reverted back but you keep the extra expertise on the Battlemaster. Not sure if it is a mistake or intended but I didn’t see much on the patch notes about it. Here is an image to illustrate what I am talking about.. For those who don’t know the background story. When 1.2 came out on the PTS, many players saw their Rakata and Battlemaster stats changed – both…

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