ship droid affection

How to Build Affection with Your Ship Droid

While you’re out battling and collecting and trudging away at storyline, it’s easier to remember the companion you have at your side, taking for you, healing for you or providing much-needed DPS. They’ve got your back! But it’s not until you are greeted by that ever-annoying voice at the ship’s entrance that you remember your ship droid. He does so much hard work, even adding extra padding to the seats in your ship yet so many forget to build affection with the lonely ship droid. He lives to serve and please his master and you can say thank you easier than ever before now that the 30-second cool down to give companion gifts has been lifted. So what gifts does he want? It’s easy as pie! Cultural Artifacts: Rank 1 Polished Meteorite (200 Credits) Rank 2 Dubrillion Lizard Egg (600 Credits) These are available at your local companion gift vendor…

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