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Leaked Details of New SWTOR Content: World Boss, Daily Area, Space Missions, Pets, Mounts

With the number of subs on the decline, it’s not unusual at all to see a game company allow some leaks in order to get more people interested or back in the game. There is some new and upcoming content to SWTOR, a great deal of which includes new minipets and space missions. We cannot be sure, however, just when this new content is coming. It could be in the next game update or in several game updates, spread out over a period of time. Just because the game is showing files for some of this content does not mean that all of it will be coming out at one time. There is a thread on the community forums that has compiled all of the known upcoming content in one area to make it easier to see all that is coming. Here’s a snippet from that thread: NEW DAILY AREA:…

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