Tor TV: Spacedock: X-70B Phantom

Spacedock looks at Star Wars: The Old Republic’s “X-70B Phantom” in this great video. This short (under 4 minute) video is going to give you a rundown of the X:70B Phantom. The starships of the Imperial Navy have a long and rich history. They come from centuries of military research and development and it definitely shows in the final product. The Empire designed its fleet to be able to destroy the Republic as quickly as possible. However, as many things will, the design strategies changed over the years, especially after the Great War. Imperial engineers played on what worked from the past, along with the new technologies and lessons learned, to create beautiful new starships. This new generation also brought us the X-70B Phantom. This was a beautiful, stealthy, high-tech, low profile starship. It could get in and get out, get the job done without any unnecessary hassle. It has…

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