Star War Fan fiction

Star Wars: Darkness Rising: The Threat Within Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Lando held his breath as he brought them out of hyperspace.  BX had engaged the cloaking device before they had completely slowed to relative speed.  For a moment they were flying blind until the small extensions poked past the cloaking field.   Rae stood behind Lando’s chair, holding onto the back of it.   Nein monitored the ships systems from the co-pilot’s seat.   Lowbacca watched the forward screen from the engineer’s seat.   Nothing could be seen for a moment then the screen flickered and then they could see outside the ship.  “Cloaking devices suck,” Lando said.  “Sure they keep things from being able to see inside the field, but they also prevent you from being able to see out.”  Lowbacca growled and MTD translated.  “You are using passive probes?  How big are they?”  Lando nodded.  “They are a millimeter in width.  There are six that stick past the field.”  “Can’t…

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