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Star Wars: Darkness Rising: The Threat Within – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Han leaned against the door frame and watched as the Lady Luck glided toward the landing deck.  He straightened up as he noticed several jagged pieces of metal sticking out from under the ship.   “What have you gotten yourself into Lando?” Han muttered.   Lando saw Han watching the ship come down.  “I didn’t expect him to meet me at the landing pad,” Lando said.  The ship dipped a little then leveled out.  “Number two repulsor is shot,” he said.  Nien nodded and sighed.  When the ship touched down, he motioned Lando toward the back saying something to him.  Lando smiled.  “Yeah, you get the easy job, I have to explain this to Han and Leia.”  Han winced as the landing ramp descended with an audible screech of protesting metal.   He watched Lando come down the ramp.  ‘He’s looking old,’ Han thought then laughed.  Lando was only a few…

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MTSBWY: Animated Version of Patton Oswalt’s Brilliant Star Wars Pitch

If you’re a Star Wars fan and a Parks and Recreation fan, you probably remember the episode not so long ago when Patton Oswalt visited and delivered an incredible 8+ minute improve about his idea plt for Star Wars: Episode VII. It was hilarity at its best. Now, Isaac Moores has created an animation for the entire rant/skit which you can find here: See the original here: Patton Oswalt himself saw the animated filibuster and tweeted to Moores, as well as sent his “minions” to give the talented Moores some more followers. He went from 60 to over 1,00 in one day! Apparently spending 5 full days animating to improvised dialogue is a good way to spend ones time. Hello 1000 new followers. — Isaac Moores (@izacless) May 19, 2013 Hello Isaac and thank you for your awesome contribution!

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