Star Wars Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault Mod for ARMA 3 – Developer Diary #2

Here is the second of a series developer diaries covering behind the scenes information on progress of the Imperial Assault mod for ARMA 3. In this episode they cover off the response to the launch of package 1, package 2 contents and other team news. I love how Blue Harvest Interactive is a) putting out these videos and b) actually listening and interacting with the comments. It’s good to see devs who care about what the people have to say. They are listening and replying and it shows. That level of care into the fans can really mean success in this business. This is not to say a dev should let the fans dictate everything about their creation but it is refreshing to see open dialogue and interaction like this. With that said, check out the video and let us know what you think of the mod. — For more information…

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