Tales from Nar Shaddaa

“<Krobok kill gang, smash droids, get much credits and weapons. Krobok do good?>” “Well, Krobok – their leader surrendered, but you killed him before we could interrogate him. We still need to figure out their shipping schedule somehow.” “<But…Krobok smash gang all away – Krobok no do good?>” *sighs* “Krobok did good.” And so the story begins… Ok, we have written before about how we absolutely love these! Now we are happy to bring you “Tales from Nar Shaddaa” and the special Bonus Series this time. They come to us from ThaBenMan on Reddit, who says he loves making them and will be continuing the series. We can’t wait to see more. How about you? Do you know of another SWTOR fan doing something awesome like this? If so, drop us a line and let us know. We want to share it with all the readers! — What happens when…

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