swtor armor

1.2 New Tier Armor Stats

If you’re looking for info on the new 1.2 Tier Armor Stats but you’re not in the public test realms, you’re in luck. Dulfy from dulfy.net has posted an article on MMO Mechanics that gives you a preview of the PvP War Hero Armor set. Dulfy says: Note that this is a preview of the stats and not the looks. To see how they look please head to here. Let me clarify a couple of things first The set bonus is currently same as Battlemaster/champion/centurion set bonuses. The ears/implants may not match a set. Rated and Unrated (shown here) have identical stats. There are 4 relics, they are listed at the bottom Dulfy also has 1.2 armor models as you see linked above. You can find that here. Here is an example (Empire):

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