SWTOR controller

SWTOR Controller 3.0: Which One Would Be Yours?

Here it is… the new SWTOR controller 3.o. It has everything you need for a hilarious, I mean, fun time playing the class of your choice. You may need to make the image bigger to see all the details but we think you’ll like it as much as we did. The Hatred Assassin, for example, has the “Instant win” button. It also has buttons for resetting the battle the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time. Lightning Sorc has the “ForceSpam” button and don’t forget about all of those LOLs. All in all, it’s a pretty hilarious diagram and we know our readers can appreciate it as well. Thank yous go out to Xinikos on Reddit for the heads-up and some of the commenters there have some pretty good ideas of their own. If you had a custom controller to play SWTOR, what would your functions be?

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