swtor mount

New Unique Looking Mount on PTS

If you’re on the SWTOR public test servers for Game Update 1.3, you might have already seen that there is a really cool new mount for Kurtob alliance. It is rumored to be from referring a friend and having them subscribe for a month but we can’t 100% confirm that yet. Dulfy got a great screenshot of it for us. A lot of players are saying they’d start their own second account if you can really get this cool mount from referring a friend. Of course there are always some who don’t like it or make fun – it’s not for everyone- but I think it’s pretty cool. And I know all of those gamers who love to collect all of something in a game (pets, mounts, etc) are going to find this fun. So here’s just one more fun thing we are seeing from the PTS that is coming…

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