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Game Update 1.3 is Available On PTS!

It’s finally here- game update 1.3 is on the public test realms. Not only does this mean you might have the opportunity yourself to play this new content before it is released to all players, but it also means we will start seeing news and updates coming from the PTS so we know what to expect from the game update ourselves. Here is the official announcement from SWTOR.com news: Please check out this Welcome to PTS blog for information on how to access the Public Test Server. Game Update 1.3: Allies has a lot of great new features, such as the Group Finder tool and Ranked Warzones, to name a few. One of the big focuses for us in testing this Game Update is the Group Finder tool and as such, we want to help incentivize our players to hop onto PTS and help us test it. There are two…

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