swtor voice acting

SWTOR Voice Actors Video

Do you want to learn more about the voice actors who play in SWTOR? Want to see who plays what and the other previous roles they have held? You might be surprised to see some of the people taking part in SWTOR. Here’s an awesome video (you may have seen before) that shows the voice actors for each playable class. Trooper – Jennifer Hale, Brian Bloom Smuggler – Kath Soucie, Maury Sterling Jedi Consular – Athena Karkanis, Nolan North Jedi Knight – Kari Wahlgren, David Hayter Bounty Hunter – Grey DeLisle, Tom Spackman Imperial agent – Jo Wyatt, Bertie Carvel Sith Inquisitor – Xanthe Elbrick, Euan Morton Sith Warrior – Natasha Little, Mark Bazeley music used in the video: Faster Does It from Kevin MacLeod’s

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