swtor website redesign

Brand New SWTOR Website!

BioWare has been hard at work the new game update to SWTOR, rolling out the Legacy System, listening to player feedback and revamping things to keep us all interested and enjoying their game. Today they revealed one more piece of fun and interesting news- a new website design! This just in from SWTOR.com news: We are excited to unveil the brand new Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ website! We’ve completely rebuilt the website from the ground-up, with the intention of providing you with the latest game updates in an easy to navigate way. In addition to all of the latest news and information that is released, we’re also going to give you much more information about in-game content. Right now, you can check out our updated Flashpoints page on the Holonet, which includes information for each of the seventeen Flashpoints currently in the game. In addition to information on every…

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