ui custimization

Awesome UI Customization with 1.2

1.2 lets you completely customize your UI like never before. This was one of the most anticipating upgrades to this game update. However, there might be some things about the UI customization that you didn’t know. For example, one of my biggest peeves was one window closing out when you open another. Let’s say you want to compare an item that you have to one that you see on the GTN but when you try to open your character window, it closes out your GTN window. Frustrating! Or let’s say that you want to send your companion on a mission while you are browsing the GTN or have other windows open. Something is going to close out and then you have to open it back and find where you were before. Well, now with 1.2, this is not a problem. All you have to do is go to the UI…

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