World Event Guide

Relics of the Gree: World Event Guide

If you’re excited about the Relics of Gree world event or still trying to work your way through the quests, you’re in luck because there are guides available to help you see it through to completion. I’m all about writing guides for SWTOR but for this world event, Dulfy beat me to the punch and there are no better guides than Dulfy’s. She spends so much time in the game and test servers that her guides are thorough and complete. So with that said, rather than type up my own Relics of Gree world event guide, I’m going to point you in the direction of hers. You can find it on her website: Here is her navigation, complete with links to take you to each section of the guide to allow you to jump forward or backward as needed. Navigation How do I get there? Gaining Reputation Missions World…

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