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Intergalactic Intel: Shadow/Assassin Tanking Guide

“So you’re a dps?” For someone who had no interest in playing Swtor, my friend had a ton of questions. “No, a tank,” I replied. “My friend looked at me. You’re a tank with invisibility?” “Yeah… Druids do the same thing in WoW, and remember Rogue tanks in BC?” “SWTOR is so weird…” Welcome back to another Intergalactic Intel! This week we’re going technical. We’re gonna sit down and look at what my opinion of the best Jedi Shadow/Sith Assassin tanking spec, what stats you should be aiming for and how to tank properly. This guide is for patch 1.1. This guide is subject to change. The spec: Assassin Shadow Kinetic Combat: Tier 1: Technique Mastery 3/3- This is THE BEST early talent for shadow/assassin tanking. It increases your internal and elemental resistance by 9% meaning you’ll be taking less damage from those specific abilities. We’re all about not taking…

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