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Early Game Access Could be Up to 5 Days

Will you get early game access to SWTOR for pre-ordering the game? That is the word on the street but many people who have already pre-ordered complained about not getting their code or about not knowing how long the early game access will last. Will it be days? Weeks? Hours? After anxiously awaiting months to years for it, people want to know when they are going to get it. The order in which you redeem your Pre-order Code is the order in which you will gain Early Game Access before the game’s official release. This part seems to mean that it will be staggered based on when you pre-ordered the game. So does this mean that those who pre-ordered the earliest will get a full 5 days of early game access and those who pre-ordered later may get less time? How staggered will it be and how much time will…

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