ui customization 1.2

ChewUI Coming Soon!

If you’re as excited as us about the new UI changes andcustomization coming in 1.2 then you will be especially excited about this newsite coming to help you. ChewUI.com was founded by a one man/one womandesign/dev team that want to be able to offer players just like you and me aplace to go to find UI customization, post your own layout and more. The news of the new UI updates and customizable features wasjust released to us at SWTOR Guild Summit in Austin. This is where I met JodiHodges and Patrick Murray of the Black Bisectors (Twin Spears Server). Whenthey announcement was first made that we could customize our UIs and thendownload to an XML file, the wheels started turning for ideas. A website that would allow players to share/upload, downloadand rank other UI customizations is just what this game needs. Maybe you wantto find a good healer UI- go…

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