Star Wars: Uprising: Sector Battle Crew Opportunities vs. Battle Opportunities: A Guide

Lots of people ask about the differences between using crew to accumulate victory points and doing the missions yourself to accumulate them. User Xaereth_Tri has taken the time to create a guide for the Reddit Star Wars: Uprising subreddit to help with this.

The guide contains:

  • Battle Plans: This is the currency used during sector battles to “purchase” opportunities (both crew and battle – see below).
  • Crew Opportunity: This term refers to the expenditure of battle plans on crew missions to accumulate victory points.
  • Battle Opportunity: This term refers to the expenditure of battle plans to “purchase” a mission that your character runs in exchange for victory points.
  • Victory Points: These are the points that you earn throughout the sector battle, which are used at the end of the battle to determine your final placement, and corresponding rank.

The guide then goes on to explain Sector Battle Goals, gaining victory points, battle opportunities, crew opportunities and more. Here’s another snippet:

How do I get lots of Victory Points?

The basic idea is this:

  • Get five battle plans either through crew battle missions or through running missions with your own character.
  • Spend those five plans on a battle opportunity or crew opportunity.
  • These opportunities yield a relatively large number of victory points. Rinse, repeat.

The question people often ask is: Which one is better? You’re spending the same number of battle plans, but which one yields the most desirable result?

I’ll provide some hard numbers in a little bit, but the reality is that the truth varies from person to person. Depending on your crew level, character level, or PR level, you might be better off with one or the other, or both.

It’s very useful and well written and someone even came along and formatting the opportunities into a lovely chart to make it easier to see. Way to go Reddit community!

Head over and see the full post for yourself to learn more: Sector Battle Crew Opportunities vs. Battle Opportunities: A Guide

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