The Unforgettable Tale of Turgle: The Galaxy's Most Endearing Scamp

The Unforgettable Tale of Turgle: The Galaxy’s Most Endearing Scamp

In the vast cosmos of Star Wars characters, there’s one that’s leaped, quite literally, into the hearts of fans across the globe: Turgle. This delightful, frog-like alien has left a lasting impression, despite his initial introduction involving a rather unceremonious toss into the path of protagonist Cal Kestis by a group of angry raiders.

Meet Turgle: The Star of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Turgle, whose name rhymes with “turtle,” is a three-foot-tall frog who walks on two legs, a charming character design that is reminiscent of Aogaeru from Spirited Away. Although he may not represent a significant innovation in character design, his simple yet engaging presence has made him a priceless addition to the Star Wars canon.

Despite being a bit of a scammer and a troublemaker, which led to his altercation with the raiders, Turgle’s high-pitched voice and defensive tone add an endearing dimension to his character. He’s managed to strike a chord with audiences, embodying a certain charm that transcends his questionable decisions and troublemaking tendencies.

A Fan Favorite: The Turgle Phenomenon

From the moment Turgle leaped joyfully out of harm’s way, he secured a permanent place in fans’ hearts. Even though his antics may cause more trouble than they’re worth, his charismatic presence and humorous disposition make it hard not to love him. And it’s not just a few fans that have fallen for Turgle’s charm; the internet is flooded with players sharing clips and fanart of their favorite amphibian alien.

This fan adoration has even resulted in Turgle being dubbed as Star Wars’ latest “Glup Shitto” by some. The enthusiasm for Turgle is not universal, but those who do love him, really love him.

The Voice Behind Turgle

The credit for bringing Turgle to life goes to Richard Horvitz, a talented actor known for his roles in Invader Zim and the Psychonauts games. Horvitz’s comedic timing has been crucial in making Turgle the beloved character he is today.

Horvitz’s portrayal of Turgle has been met with an overwhelming response from the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s fanbase. Fans have welcomed Horvitz with open arms, expressing their appreciation for his role in breathing life into Turgle. The recognition of voice actors, no matter how small their roles, is a testament to their crucial contribution to the game’s success.

The Impact of Turgle

Turgle’s presence in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a clear example of how even minor characters can significantly impact a narrative. Turgle has emerged as a big star in the game, garnering a massive amount of love on social media. His popularity has even managed to overshadow some of the more significant events happening in the game.


Who is Turgle? Turgle is a frog-like alien character from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, known for his scamming tendencies and knack for getting into trouble.

Who voices Turgle? Turgle is voiced by Richard Horvitz, an actor known for his roles in Invader Zim and the Psychonautgames.

Why is Turgle so popular among fans? Despite being a minor character, Turgle’s charm and quirks have made him a fan favorite. His humorous disposition, combined with his knack for getting into trouble, have made him a memorable and endearing character.

What kind of character is Turgle? Turgle is a three-foot-tall frog who walks on two legs. He’s known for his scamming habits and a knack for getting into trouble, but despite this, he’s become a beloved character in the Star Wars universe.


In the grand narrative of Star Wars, characters like Turgle remind us of the power of charm and humor. Despite his small stature and less-than-noble antics, Turgle has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, becoming a beloved figure in the Star Wars universe. As the Star Wars galaxy continues to expand and evolve, it’s characters like Turgle, with their quirks and unique charm, that truly enrich this universe and leave a lasting impression. So, here’s to Turgle, the mischievous frog-like alien who’s scampered his way into our hearts, proving that even in a galaxy far, far away, it’s often the little guys who steal the show.