Star Citizen Player Character Guide

Star Citizen Player Character Guide

In Star Citizen, Player Characters are the Avatars of the Players. But there is more to them just being the Avatar of a player. Players’ characters obey your commands and it’s your way of interacting with the Star Citizen game. The cosmos and the other players in our immediate environment are eventually affected by the actions we take through these characters.

These characters can only operate correctly thanks to a variety of mechanisms, such as character creation, reputation with non-player characters (NPCs), and death. These mechanisms can be modified to suit your character better. We will be discussing each of these mechanisms in this article, so let’s begin.

Creating the Character

The very first step of owning a character involves creating a character. Each player has to design an avatar, which will be ofcourse fictitious, and at the same time will have to declare a beneficiary, in case they are no more. The beneficiary could be a son, uncle, or anyone whom they trust. 

Once this all is done, the character would then go through various training including UEE Navy as well. After this the character starts with the Squadron 42 campaign. The user has the option to “opt-out” of the training and UEE registration at any time in order to launch their character directly into Star Citizen. 

Though Character creation is done in the initial phase of the game, you can always equip your character with much better gears later in the game. For that you will use in-game coins. You can either buy Star Citizen aUEC or get them by completing missions.

Star Citizen aUEC Guide

What is Reputation?

Reputation is the perception of the character among other NPCs and businesses. NPCs may respond differently toward the character than they would a complete stranger depending on previous encounters, jobs, and contracts. A good reputation may result in more income, more lucrative contracts, or greater support.

The crime rating system in Star Citizen Alpha currently assesses a player’s level of lawfulness or illegality. Your criminal rating will rise if you take certain acts, like damaging neutral ships or deactivating comm arrays.

Citizenship in Star Citizen

Much like in the real world, there is something called Citizenship in Star Citizen. Citizenship is a position upgraded from civilian status inside the UEE held by deserving members of society. Getting a citizenship status has more benefits to it.

Any Player Character with the Citizenship Status tends to gain more from the UEE. These profits include lower taxes and the opportunity to work for the government. Like any other UEE citizen, player characters can acquire and lose citizenship, changing their eligibility for benefits. Now, this would be a perfect opportunity to earn some Star Citizen aUEC by working with the government.

Injury/Death in Star Citizen

Characters that travel into space run the chance of becoming hurt or killed, with some locations and jobs carrying a higher risk than others. Each character can endure death several times before succumbing to their wounds at some point. A character that is “killed” gets “resurrected” at the nearby medical facility with fresh wounds and implants, resulting in a scarred, tough figure. A character will eventually be declared actually dead if they die too many times, and their life will be given to the beneficiary designated at character creation.

Yes, you get many lives and get resurrected most of the time, but you can’t cheat death every time. In Star Citizen, a Player Character is supposed to survive for a total of 6 or more times, but after that, it’s all over, albeit the manner of death also affects how severe it is.

A deceased character’s beneficiary receives all of their material possessions, including their tools, supplies, cargo, ships, etc. Additionally, they will inherit the prior characters’ faction connections and reputation, although with a significantly lessened value. This enables a character to make use of previous reputations and allies or to go on and begin a new life free from the consequences of having formerly been a pirate.

Star Citizen aUEC


Player Character is the only way for you to interact with the Star Citizen’s environment. These are super easy to create and have all the features that you would find in a real human being. Player Characters goes through training, earn badges, have a Reputation and Crime Rating. They can also die at some point in time in the game. So, if you are looking to start a career in the Star Citizen game, this would be the first step to do it. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.