Beta Patch notes

SWTOR Game Update 6.1.1 now on PTS!

Want to try out the upcomming SWTOR Patch? Now is your chance! Game Update 6.1.1 is now live on the Public Test Server (PTS) for all subscribers. Whether you have a max level character or not, we encourage you to check out the PTS and give us your feedback on this new Lair Boss. To get additional information on the PTS status, timing, and to give your feedback, head to the PTS Forums. In the upcoming Game Update 6.1.1 we’re introducing several quality of life changes and improvements for players with Conquest and Class changes. Alongside these changes, we’re introducing the Master Mode difficulty for The Nature of Progress Operation as well as new Set Bonuses! Master Mode and New Set Bonuses Currently the first, second, and fifth bosses are available for Master Mode testing, with the others to be added in with future PTS phases. Along with the Master Mode…

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Beta Patch notes: 0.742.16

Here are the latest patch notes for SWTOR. Only a Few minor changes is all Bioware did to prepare their game for the stress test today. Check out all the fixes below. Bounty Hunter Bug Fixes Neural Dart now properly functions to taunt enemies. Crew Skill Bug Fixes Crafting materials that are no longer usable will now display as “Obsolete Crafting Material” and the item description will now properly read “This item is obsolete. Sell it to a vendor.” Fixed an issue that would sometimes incorrectly display which Crew Skills a character has learned. Items Bug Fixes Players will now be properly notified when they do not meet the requirements to equip an item. Flashpoints and Operations Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that was causing players to freeze or see a black screen while in Flashpoints. Missions and NPCs Missions Republic Doomsday: Players will no longer see the environment disappear…

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