SWTOR’s New Patch Created a Mess on Ilum

While some were celebrating the new patch today (SWTOR Patch 1.1), others were frustratingly being farmed on Ilum as they attempted to complete daily and weekly PvP quests. What resulted was a bit of a disaster if you’re on the wrong side. And even if you weren’t, it created some pretty severe system load from all of those people in one area. “”We’re currently investigating potential issues related to the Ilum open world PvP area post-1.1. We understand that this is a topic of much discussion and we ask that you please direct all discussions to this thread,” writes Joveth Gonzalez on the official SWTOR forums. He also reminds everyone of the forum rules when posting on this issue: “As always, we ask that the community keep the following things on mind when responding: No insults, name calling, or personal attacks Please stay on topic. If someone violates the Rules…

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