Facebook Image of the Week #38

Today BioWare updated there Facebook page with a screenshot of the Eternity Vault. The flashpoints we get to play in 30 days ( if you pre ordered).  As far as I understand this flashpoint should give us some more inside to what happened with the Infinite Empire – the guys that made The Star Forge. Check out the screenshot below: The Eternity Vault, a remnant of a once powerful empire, is believed to house ‘The Infernal One,’ an ancient and deadly evil that poses a risk to the entire galaxy.

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Facebook Image of the Week #35

It’s wednesday again and BioWare have added a new screenshot to the official Star Wars the old republic Facebook page. This time it’s a really interesting screenshot as we get to see how the jedi temple looks like ( from the out side) after the Sith had fun with it – remember the first cinematic trailer from back in 2009? Once home to the Jedi Archives, the Jedi Temple on Coruscant now lays in ruin years after the Sith’s sacking of Coruscant.

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Q&A with Daniel Erickson.

BioWare had a short Q&A session with Daniel Erickson at the official Facebook page earlier today. The following was posted on SWTOR’s Facebook wall, lots of good questions and enticing answers! Thomas Haugeberg: Is there going to be an end for this game’s story? Will one side rule in the end?Daniel: We know where the galaxy ends up in the next 3000 years but there’s a long way to go until we get there and hopefully (since we all like our jobs) that story won’t be ending anytime soon! Jason Trent: Are all “romances” with non-companion NPC’s one night stands or are some of them fully fleshed out romances?Daniel: Some of them are long term romances, some actually spanning across several chapters. Travis Clay Henry: What character in ToR has been your favorite to write thus far?Daniel: Vette. Writing a complete character from start to finish is one of the…

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