Official SWTOR Server Forums Coming This Week

Allison Berryman, Senior Community Coordinator had an interesting update in the official forums about forum changes coming next week. All in all, it looks like the changes will help make the forums easier for everyone involved to use. One of the biggest changes- server forums are being implemented. Here’s more from Allison: In the layout we have now, things like Guild Recruitment and Server Events are spread out and can be difficult to locate. We’ve also seen some requests for places on the forums where players can go to discuss things more closely with others on their particular server, and for a place for suggestions for the game. To start addressing some of these concerns, we will introduce a new forum section: Server Group Forums, and will place the Suggestion Box back in its rightful place under General Discussion. The Server Group Forums will be divided by server type (PvE,…

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SWTOR Servers: Choose Your Server with TorStatus.Net

Have you been dealing with long SWTOR queues? The server my guild was auto-assigned to sports about an hour queue during peak hours and weekends. In the morning and the middle of the day, I have no problem getting right on but at peak times, you better pray you don’ t get booted or you’re waiting to get back in. However, we found a really neat tool to help you choose your server based on population and what you want. Some players like a nice cozy server with a low pop where they can feel like they have the in-game version of Cheers where “everybody knows your name.” Other players want a mid-to-high pop server where there is always someone to do something with, no matter what time of day you’re playing. There are advantages to each side and it really depends on what you want from your server.…

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