Game Update 1.5 on PTS!

Game Update 1.5 is now live on the public test servers. This is the one were we get our new playable companion: HK-51! This means BioWare really will be delivering new content every 6 weeks –  nice to finally see them delivering on that promise!! below is the press release from BioWare, and below that is data dump of the new patch.  It looks like  HK-51 will be a ranged tank or dps from the new cybertech schematics data mined. Game Update 1.5 is Now Live on PTS! Game Update 1.5 is now live on our Public Test Server! For those of you that already have high level, copied characters on our Public Test Server, we encourage you to explore Sector X, Nightmare Explosive Conflict, and the other new features on the Public Test Server right now. Get on, check everything out, and give us your feedback by posting on the Public Test Server forum. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to…

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Compare/Contrast SWTOR to other recent MMOs

Everyone’s talking about SWTOR and if it’s going to be any good as well as how it compares to other recent MMOs. You’ve heard all of the comparisons to WoW. We’ve heard all of those a million times, it seems but World of Warcraft is not the only game it’s being compared to. One Reddit user did a write-up on how it compares to other MMOs of today in terms of gameplay, zones and maps and more. Here’s a sampling: Leveling is slow-paced. You have to do fairly significant travel and quests for each level in comparison to WoW and WHO. Quests stayed consistent through 20 levels. ll quests are accepted via cutscene and voice over, with various conversation options that add more dialog before eventually getting to the accept or deny dialog. (Dragon Age) The UI is nothing special and doesn’t appear to be customizable. The user puts both…

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