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How to call BioWare customer service for free

At some point you might need to get in contact with the BioWare customer service. You might have forgotten you security answer ( like me) or something ells. If you don’t want to call the customer service in the states or in Ireland becourse it might cost you some money, here is a trick. You can use skype without buying credits and call any toll free number, and that includes swtor’s CS. All you have to do is add a contact and type the number in the phone number area Here are the numbers if you need them: USA, Canada: 1-855-GO-SWTOR (1-855-467-9867) UK, Germany, France: 00800 0246 9273 (008000 BIOWARE) Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore: +800 0246 9273 (+8000 BIOWARE) For calls originating from countries not listed above, please call the following number: +442035642555 * using a landline or mobile phone, or 1-855-GO-SWTOR (1-855-467-9867) using your VoIP service (such as…

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Some Kudos for BioWare Customer Service

We have seen a lot of posts about Bioware being evil and SWToR support being horrible. We’ve even published quite a few of those complaints here on the site. But now we’ve found another good example of BioWare staff doing something good. Some players have received automated responses from the CSR team saying their account is suspended for spamming or other violations of the terms of use but they don’t provide any information on what they did. When these players then contact the customer service team to get more clarification on what they did wrong, they sometimes receive the same automated-type message back. But here’s a player who feels he was wrongfully banned, wrote to BioWare customer service to try to find out what he did wrong (and avoid doing it again) and he got a positive response. BioWare admitted they made a mistake, removed the ban and compensated the…

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