SWTOR Exploit: Buying and Re-selling the Temple Chair decoration

With the new patch 3.2.2 that came out yesterday, players have experienced, that the Temple Chair decoration can be purchased for 1 credit and sold back for 100 credits – A pretty good deal one have to think. This is considered an exploit though, and Eric Musco has commented on this warned players. Check it out below: Temple Chair (Basic) Exploit | 06.23.2015, 07:07 PM Hey folks, In today’s patch, we placed Temple Chair (Basic) onto the Esstran Exports vendor for one credit. After bringing the servers live today we noticed that currently, you can sell the Chair back to the vendor for 100 credits. Obviously, this is not intended. As stated before, when these issues arise we want to make sure we get out in front of it as quickly as possible and are open with you about what is being done. For the time being, please do not…

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