TOR TV: Video Guide to Voiced Emotes on the PTS

The guys over at swtorface.com created a short video showing all the voiced slash commands currently available on the public test server. This is slash commands  like /apologize /cheer, /chuckle, etc etc etc. It’s apparently not complete yet, as it is possible to find more sound files when you data mine the client. In this video you can listen to (and see the actions of) Smuggler, Jedi Knight, Trooper, Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent SwtorFace will be updating this as more commands become available. You can follow there progress here.

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TOR TV: New patch 1.4 Emotes (male and female)

Emotes are a big part of MMORPG’s.  It makes your character feel more alive. F2P is gonna be like a new launch. SOME new content, Lots and lots of polish. Already seeing this with shadow optimization, facial expressions and not emotes. Cant wait for armor dyes! Nov-December will be glorious! I really like the new set of emotes, how many other MMORPG’s have they actually implemented a “mood” feature for your character? None that I can recall at least, and that is excactly what the new emotes is about, setting up a mood for your character which can be changed at any time. The new emotes (emoticons) that will come in swtor patch 1.4.0 – Male 00:07Female 02:08 – Theese emotes are based on various moods. Here you will see all of them for both female and male. The moods you will find is the following: Neutral, Alarmed, Annyoed, Astounded, Awed, Cheery, Dejected, Depressed,…

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SWTOR List of Slash Commands and Emotes for In-Game

With prelaunch coming, what better time than now to come across this list of slash commands and emotes for in-game SWTOR? Slash Commands: Assuming they are still accurate when the servers go live (which we cannot guarantee at this time), here are some slash commands you can use in-game: Numbers like /0 /1 /2 /3 will represent chat channels /coverbar /date /dismiss /dnd /duel /e /emote /flag /follow /friend /gabdicate /gdisband /general /ginvite /gkick /gquit /gremove /group /grp /guild /hideui /inspect /invite /lag /logout /me /nameplates See the complete list for more slash commands. If you are a veteran MMORPGer, you will probably be familiar with many of these already so a good policy is just to test slash commands you know to have worked in other games in the system of SWTOR and see if they work for you. Chances are, they probably will (if nothing changes on launch)….

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