Feast of Prosperity

SWTOR: Behind the Scenes of the Feast of Prosperity

Two weeks ago, BioWare launched a new seasonal event called the Feast of Prosperity. Here is an interview with World Designer in Star Wars the old Republic, Allison Berryman to do a behind the scenes look of this new even. Events are a cornerstone of repeatable content for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Recurring events, like Rakghoul Resurgence and the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally, happen every few months, while Seasonal events only happen once a year. Let’s do a quick introduction! Long-time forum readers may recognize your name, but what do you currently do on the SWTOR team? Yes, hi! You may recognize me from long, long ago around launch, when I was a Senior Community Coordinator, or from the forums (where I think my name may still be on some of the stickies…). A couple of cross-country moves and a career change later, and now I’m a World Designer!…

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