12 Days of Smack Talkin’

The lads over at Gamebreakers has released an epic WoW vs SWTOR machinima throwdown, Christmas carol style: As you know, of course, Darnell is the most-excellent PvPer extraordinaire. In fact, last week, Blizzard itself made a commercial featuring his awesome awesomeness. However, few people know that our famous World of Warcraft machinima phenom is actually an accomplished singer. That’s right, you may remember his smash hit “It’s So Hard To Say Good-bye to SWG” and “Imma Bunny,” both currently holding steady on the Orgrimmar Top 40. Now, Darnell is ready to top the charts again with the Twelve Days of Christmas. Wait. What was that? Someone jumped in on Darnell’s recording session? Can’t we just re-record it? Oh, not in the budget… OK… Well, Darnell likes duets, and we know you do, too. Darnell graciously invited Mr. Darth Inquisitor from Star Wars: The Old Republic to accompany his melodic undead…

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This is what would happen if SWTOR dialog was put into WoW

This video might be old for some of you, but there is no doubt that it is funny. I should properly have been posted in a “May the schwartz be with you” column, but with all buzz about World of Warcraft loosing subscribers, and SWTOR getting so close to release, I thought I would just release it as a regular blog post. Anywas… The guys over at run a show called BlizzBlues with the host Darnell. In last weeks episode, they speculated how World of Warcraft would be like if you implemented the dialog from Star Wars: The old republic.

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