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SWTOR Guild Summit RP, Guilds, UI, and All the Rest

Another interesting part of the Summit was panels on Roleplaying, Guilds and the UI changes. We concluded with the “all the rest” section that was whatever hadn’t already been covered in another panel. More than 18,000 people were watching along by the end of the livestream and some livestream questions were also asked in the Q&A session. RP discussion Legacy features: RP emotes, family tree, social unlocks, alignment unlocks Chat bubbles – we had a performance issue so we had to remove it previously. More orange gear with viability at end-game – wear what you want, wherever you want Dynamic events: NOT TALKING ABOUT IT – serverwide limited time events Improving spawning techs – NPCs that you can’t click on – they will increase or decrease depending on your system – we will populated the more empty areas. More ambient creatures Legacy: how does it affect roleplayers? What you like…

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