Tutorial Stream: How to Position Effectively as a Healer in PvP

Are you interested in becoming a better healer in SWTOR? Do you heal in PvP or plan to and have questions about how to get the most from your class in terms of healing? There is an upcoming tutorial stream on Twitch that just may help you out! I am Ferrite, a healer on Prophecy of the Five. I play all three healing classes and stream regularly. When my stream is online I receive a lot of questions about healing specifics, but I feel that the important topics are sometimes overseen. As a result I have decided to try a more organized show on a specific topic. If it works out well I will prepare more shows, improve the format, and work off of your suggestions. My first show will be about positioning at 8:30 EST (-5:00) Monday, May 27th. @ http://twitch.tv/ferritesc2 The order of topics is tentative, but as follows: How do…

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TOR Is In Sight

On our three year trip to a galaxy far, far away I need this.  With Stephen Reid revealing another healer but has kept his lip tight on which advance class it actually is.  I believe they haven’t gotten that far yet, which class do you think that would make a great healing class? Whichever it is I can dig it.  Stephen likes to take the philosophy of not talking too much giving the excitement of game without revealing it all. Read more of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Speaking Up by Michael Bitton.

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