HeroEngine surpasses 5,000 licensees in part due to SWTOR

HeroEngine from Idea Fabrik now has more than 5,000 licenses, a feat they credit partly due to BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, which uses the platform. The success of SWTOR has been big and the German company believes that SWTOR’s success is one reason there has been such a spike in the licenses for Hero Engine. Following Star Wars: The Old Republic’s release, Idea Fabrik received thousands of inquiries about the engine last January from studios both large and small, more than in any other period in the company’s existence. Idea Fabrik believes it was able to attract its new licensees because large games built on its platform helped prove that its technology — which accommodates a wide range of online projects, from MMORPGs to social games — could handle titles of their scale. “This lowers the perceived risk of developers in adopting the HeroEngine platform,” claims Idea Fabrik…

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HeroEngine Technology, Critical to SWTOR’s Successful Launch Now Used by Thousands of Game Developers

The HeroEngine Technology that was so critical to the development of SWTOR and its success which follows is not helping with many other video games across the industry. Thousands of game developers are now finding a way to make use of this technology in their own games. Business Wire reports: “Developers are seeing a significantly reduced time to market. The Star Wars MMO was a major, multi-year undertaking, but other MMO games have shipped on our platform in as little as 15 months.” HeroEngine Technology was designed to help with large multiplayer scalable games like SWTOR. It has development tools that allow real time updates and that helps streamline the process of creating the game. But BioWare is not the only game developer to take advantage of this technology. More from Business Wire: There are already thousands of developers using HeroCloud and according to President and COO Neil Harris, “Developers…

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HeroEngine Owner Idea Fabrik Founds New US Dev Studio

Last year HeroEngine (which is being used to build Star Wars: The Old Republic) was bought from Simutronics by Idea Fabrik in Germany. Last week the Germans announced the creation of a new game development studio in Northern Virginia: Second Star Interactive. Headed by game industry veteran Darrin Hyrup, Second Star Interactive features a core team with decades of experience at major studios throughout the game industry, including Electronic Arts, Mythic, Bethesda Softworks and Sony Online Entertainment. “Developing our own games is a critical part of our efforts to expand and enhance our technology because it keeps us close to the HeroEngine user experience,” said Neil Harris, President of the U.S. operations and COO of Idea Fabrik. “Darrin and the Second Star team bring a wealth of experience and practical contributions to the table that will help us grow both as a technology provider and as a company.” Second Star…

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