Riding Hyperspace Into SWTOR

Lagwa has an excellent article on the wait for Star Wars: The old Republic and their take on the hype/anticipation buildup.  A great read, and for the most part, I tend to agree.  We’ve seen this stuff a thousand times before — get your expectations too high, too unrealistic, and it doesn’t matter how the game actually ends up, it’s going to suck for you. What especially caught my attention is that he commented on a possible parallel marketing strategy-slash-hype train to Warhammer Online.  This is s a perspective that’s worthwhile to examine, although I don’t think SW:TOR’s current buildup exactly mirrors Warhammer online. WAR came out of the gate swinging. These guys had a hype machine to match no other. They called out everything MMO gamers railed against, said they had a better way. There were videos, big personalities, high production values. Prominently displayed on their front page was…

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