Image of the Week

Facebook Image of the Week #34

BioWare is becomming more active on there facebook page these days. This weekend we had question and answer session with Daniel Erickson, and we are seeing event pictures being added when ever BioWare is attending an event. On wednesday we still get our new weekly screenshot, and today is no different. A lone Trooper storms towards the command center deep inside The Gormak King’s Hall.

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Facebook Image Of The Week #8

BioWare have updated there SWTOR Facebook page with a new weekly Star Wars: The old republic Image. the description goes as this: High among towering mountain peaks on Alderaan, this settlement shows no obvious signs of the growing political unrest that plagues the planet. I really hope that building has some sort of anti-snow on stairs device working. Extremely hard to imagine no snow on a building that is in the highest points of a snowy mountain peak. 5000 years later… BOOOOM!

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