Imperial Fleet

Imperial Fleet: +10 All Attribute Datacrons on Ziost Shadow

One thing the video doesn’t really make clear is that all 5 magnetic stabilizer buttons have to be active in order to get to the final door. This means that the first two are clicked, allowing the other two players to hookshot to their buttons and push them, then everyone hookshots to the middle one, and one person hookshots to the final button. All this has to be done within about 30 seconds. Also, the hookshots are very unreliable — you can be teleported back to your starting point or even fall to your death if you hookshot from a slightly wrong location. Generally speaking, you want to do it from as far back as possible so the angle is shallower. Also, once you have gotten the datacron, your red and blue crystals are destroyed and it is impossible to pick them up again. This means you can’t help anyone…

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