Known In-Game Issues with SWTOR

Are you experiencing problems with SWTOR since the patch? Do you have bugs or issues you thought would be fixed or that cropped up only after the recent update? You are not alone and if you’re wondering if BioWare knows about it or if what you are experiencing is a common problem for others, then there is a great thread about it to keep you updated and to prevent duplicate threads on reporting issues. Amber Green, Live Community Manager, shares on the forums the known issues with SWTOR since Jan 19th: This list of known issues was last updated on: January 19th, 2012 After clearing G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator in Karagga’s Palace, if Operation Groups reset the phase, the encounter will respawn and must be completed again to progress. The Operation Group will not receive any items the second time G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator is defeated.Workaround: Players must avoid resetting the phase…

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Ability Delay — Character Responsiveness Can Make or Break SWTOR

While every new game will have some bugs, there are bugs that are much more serious in game than others. Some, in fact, can be completely game breaking and this is frustrating for someone who enjoys the game but then gets caught by a bug like the ability delay that is slowing character responsiveness in SWTOR. A thread on the official forums breaks down this very important issue that could make or break SWTOR. The original poster explains the issue: “The “Character Responsiveness” for lack of a better term, is how “smooth” the game plays from your avatars perspective. I have played SWG and EQ to a lesser degree as well as Warhammer Online and several other MMOs and I must honestly say that Bioware has gotten this all too important aspect much better than any previous MMO that I have experienced (with the obvious exception, to which we will…

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