Species of Starwars: Jawa

Jawas are diminutive humanoids from the rim world of Tatooine, often described as “rodent-like”, and speaking in a randomly variable language that is very difficult for outsiders to decipher, when they want it to be so. Little is known of their physiology, but they are believed to be natives of Tatooine, along with the larger “Sand People” (also known as Tusken Raiders). Some xenologists have theorized that Jawas have human origins. The normal body temperature of a Jawa is 116 degrees, and the only feature usually seen of a Jawa is a pair of glowing amber eyes peeking out from under its cowl. They are best known as scavengers of the desert, traveling in huge, lumbering machines known as sand crawlers, legacies of an earlier era when Tatooine was home to massive mining operations — When the corporate mining operations closed, the tracked mining/processing vehicles were left behind, and claimed…

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