Memes of the week: February 20 – 26

Memes like “Advice Animals” and “Rage Comics” have been big part of social media the last year. On some websites like Tumblr and Reddit they have become so big that many is starting to find them annoying. Some might ague that subreddits have been destroyed by the amount of these memes being submitted. Examples of now useless subreddits is r/gaming and r/wow. Many reddit moderators have therefor taken a stand against these memes. This includes the moderators on r/swtor . This action is both good and bad, as might keep the subreddit way more clean and easy to navigate, but it also goes against the nature of reddit, and many  good jokes never get to see the light of the day. So tarting today, we will bring you a weekly recap of memes that you never got to see. Philosoraptor on SWTOR: By AppleJuiceCookies Unimpressed Sith. By donnymocker Saw this odd glitch last night. By Novogrod The truth about death in SWTOR: By captapocalypse Regarding…

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