The New Guy

A young man enters a crowded LAN center. The room goes silent like an old western. He walks over to the front desk. “Three hours of HoN and one hour of World of Warcraft.” He shows his ID and debit card as he smiles at the cashier. Noise resumes in the LAN center. “Who’s the new guy?” A man from a PC in ear shot. His friend stares at him as though he had just insulted the Queen of England. – “That’s Nigel. Princemarth, Princezexu, Conflux. He’s Internet royalty!” The man who had asked the question didn’t seem impressed. “So what’s he done?” – “What’s he done?! Try cleared all of the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King content. As a kid he was an amazing PKer in Runescape, he helped create one of the best guilds in the Ragnarok Online community. Professional teams for Team Fortress 2…

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